Can You Teach Speed? w/Jacob Ross

Episode 11 Notes: Our good friend, Jacob Ross returns as our expert to answer this question. Can you teach speed? Specifically, speed for sports? As we talked through the question, we of course came up with even more thoughts: Is it purely genetics? Are there muscle fiber type differences between men and women? Can strength…

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Vertical Jump/Box Jump: Can you improve & should you try? w/Jacob Ross

Episode 8 Notes: Vertical jump has become a test of athleticism, but is it something you can train? Box jumps have come around again in popularity, but are they an important training tool…or just a cool trick? What contributes to being good at either or both? Can you make significant improvement with training?  Our good…

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Blood Flow Restriction Training: Is it all it’s pumped up to be? w/Layne Norton, PhD

Episode 7 Notes: You can call it Blood Flow Restriction (BRF), occlusion, or Kaatsu, but the idea is all the same: Keep some extra blood in the muscles of your arm or leg and get a massive pump. But is this superior to working out the regular way? When should you use it, and does…

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