How do you stay on the path to your goals? w/ Chris Long of Tailored Sacramento

We’re inspired by a lot of people in different situations. This week’s guest is someone we’ve talked about on the show quite a few times. His growing success – and the focus and attitude he brings to his goals – has inspired us for several years. One of last week’s guests, Dean Saddoris for Caffeine and Kilos, has known him for much longer than we have gave us the most obvious suggestion: “Why don’t you have him on your show?” This week’s guest is our barber, Chris Long. We got to talk through these questions and more:

  • How did he lose over 200 pounds, gain some back, and then find a healthy relationship with the scale?
  • How did he keep shifting from one successful employment situation to another, constantly getting closer to his ultimate goals?
  • A lot of people’s exploration of self-help/self-improvement stall out before they really get started. How does he keep it a part of his life every day?

Find Chris’ shop on Instagram @tailored916 and at

His personal IG is @chris.slangin.fades.

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