What if globo gyms go bankrupt? | Q & A

On the spur of the moment, we decided to do a Q and A episode on Mike’s channel on the Twitch streaming platform and take some questions from viewers there. We don’t usually act as experts on this show, but it’s ok once in a while, right?

News reports have come out this week about the possibility of 24 Hour Fitness filing for bankruptcy protection. What impact would that have on the fitness industry?

Some of the issues we covered:

  • What is daily undulating periodization?
  • (Related) What is auto-regulation in training?
  • What can we talk about on 4/20?
  • What do you say on a first date? (Check this past episode.)

Hosted by Mike Farr (@silentmikke) and Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd).

Produced by Jim McDonald

Production assistance by Connor O’Neal.

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