How do you choose the right equipment for your home gym? w/Brandon Campbell Diamond

Gyms are closed, and everyone is scrambling to build out their home gyms so they don’t lose all their gains. Even in the best of times, it can be hard to decide what equipment you really need and where to buy it.

We got Alan Thrall’s perspective on this topic in an earlier episode. Now we’ve tapped our friend and veteran YouTuber, Brandon Campbell Diamond. Brandon is known as a connoisseur of home gym equipment and has been producing honest, straight-forward reviews of lifting related equipment for a while.

Some of the issues we covered:

  • What’s the very first thing you should consider when planning a home gym?
  • What qualities should you look for in well-built equipment?
  • Are some bar coatings better than others?
  • Which piece of equipment do you NOT need?
  • When the gyms open again, is everyone just going to sell off their home gyms?

You can find Brandon on Instagram: @basementbrandon and at his YouTube channel were he has great equipment reviews and training videos.

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