How can you rise in the face of adversity? w/ Dr. Reef Karim.

Challenging times right now. How retain your sense of self well enough to meet them head on? We turned to Dr. Reef Karim, a leading expert in human behavior, to help us understand how we as humans react to prolonged stress and how to survive or even thrive these crazy times.

Dr Karim is a double board-certified psychiatrist, addiction medicine physician, and relationship expert. He’s also a writer, host, and media personality. He’s served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience . He guest hosted Loveline  and was even named one of the sexist men alive by People magazine..

Here are some of the related questions we discussed:

  • Does stress just make you more of what you already were – either an angel or an asshole?
  • Should you be worried if you’re taking advantage of substances like alcohol to take the edge off our stress?
  • How important is finding a new routine when so much of us have lost our old routines during this pandemic?
  • What are a few steps you can take to come out of this situation actually feeling happier and more comfortable in your own skin?

We kicked off the episode talking about our pet peeves during this time, what we’re binge watching…and avoiding…on TV. We also discuss that we should be doing ourselves while we’re stuck at home. Dr. Karim joins us at around the 27 minute mark.

You can find Dr. Karim on Instagram: @reefkarim and at his website:

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