“How much do the labels ‘beginner, intermediate, or advanced’ matter to your programming?” w/Greg Nuckols

Some programs claim to have been written for beginning lifters. Others for intermediates, etc. How do you when you’re past the beginner stage, and how much does it really matter?

We asked Greg Nuckols to break it down for us.

Here are some of our thoughts befgre we talked to Gret:

  • Do you stop being a beginner when you stop having PRs every week?
  • Or is it just when they are a little less frequent?
  • With a conjugate program, you don’t test the same specific lift with much frequency, due to all the variations of types of accommodating resistance, specialty bars, etc. Does this make it harder to decide?
  • Are lifters actually any good at this kind of self-evaluation, or does someone need to tell them?
  • Does this distinction really matter?

You can find Greg on Instagram @gregnuckols, on his strongerbyscience.com, and on the Stronger by Science podcast.

We kick it off talking about how impossible it is to walk around in any major city without smelling pot…and whatever the next Star Wars movie might be. Also Leaving Neverland and Surviving R. Kelly.

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