“Should women train differently than men?” w/Greg Nuckols

Does women’s training really need an entirely different approach or just a couple tweaks?

We asked Greg Nuckols, someone who recently wrote an article on this topic, to break it down for us.

Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Do women actually have great stamina for reps than men?
  • Can women actually lift heavier on a percentage of max basis more frequently than men?
  • The headcount of strong women is great than it’s probably ever been. What changed?
  • Was training for women in the past too “soft” and were they held back by that?

You can find Greg on Instagram @gregnuckols, on his strongerbyscience.com, and on the Stronger by Science podcast.

We kick it off by congratulating Eric Cressey on his new position with the New York Yankees.

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