“Which research studies should you believe?” w/Greg Nuckols

New Year. New avalanche of fitness and nutrition-related studies to confuse the resolutionistas (and the rest of us). How are we supposed to decide which ones to believe?

We asked Greg Nuckols, someone who spends a lot of time evaluating research, to break it down for us.

Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Are there some sources we should listen over others?
  • Should you read the entire study or is the abstract enough?
  • What’s a legitimate sample size and why are large sample studies rare?
  • How long should a study be run to be believable?
  • If a finding is something that wasn’t the main focus of the study, should we still take it seriously?

You can find Greg on Instagram @gregnuckols, on his strongerbyscience.com, and on the Stronger by Science podcast.

We kick it off by talking about life in 1920 vs 2020.

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