Tweaked back: Are you injured or just sore…and how do you get back on track? w/William Richards of

How many times have you felt twinge in your back while lifting – or even doing something that’s not strenuous at all – and thought, “What the hell did I just do to myself?” Since chronic back pain costs the American economy over $100 million a year, we wanted to look at the practical question of how to keep moving and avoid long-term pain.

William Richards, of, joined us to walk us through the process he uses with his clients. William as a trainer who works with people who have finished physical therapy, but want to start – or get back to – fitness activities to promote better back health. His approach is highly practical (and should not be considered medical advice).

Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Should you lay in bed, do nothing, and hope to recover?
  • What are some clues that you could be dealing with a bigger injury?
  • What’s the first activity you should try to get back to?
  • Does an ugly MRI mean you’re destined to be in pain?
  • How much does fear impact recovery?
  • Is it specific interventions or a general wellness approach most likely to get you back on your feet quickly…and help you avoid injury in the first place?

You can find William on Instagram @fitness_4_back_pain, on his website.

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