What do you need for a really good home gym? w/Alan Thrall

Episode 28 Notes:

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Episode Notes:

Say you don’t have access to the kind of gym you want to lift in, or any gym period…but you have a garage (or something similar)?

What’s absolutely essential to making a home gym work for you, and about how much money would you need to spend?

Here’s what we came up with:

  • Spend as little as possible…or as much as possible?
  • What’s the minimum equipment you need?
  • Are dumbbells and specialty bars necessary?
  • Is flooring a critical element or a luxury
  • How much is a decent power rack?
  • How do you keep from busting up the floor?

Alan Thrall joins us with his experienced take on this topic. Alan is the owner of Untamed Strength, a strongman/powerlifting gym in Sacramento, CA. (The term we were looking for about Alan’s service as a Marine was “body bearer.”) 

Alan makes some specific equipment recommendations, including racks from Rogue Fitness.

Our ideas start around 9:00.

Alan joins us around 19:30.

You can find Alan on Instagram at @untamedstrength, on YouTube and at his website: trainuntamed.com

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