Do you really need that extra salt? w/Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

Seems like we’ve been hearing about the dangers of too much salt for decades because of its effect on blood pressure, but lately we’ve seen recommendations about adding salt to your diet for better performance. Is salt really dangerous? Does it actually help you perform better?

Here’s what we came up with:

  • Does salt always affect blood pressure?
  • Why would additional salt improve performance?
  • Are some kinds of salt better or worse for you?
  • Why have always been told to avoid?
  • Do powerlifters need sports drinks like Gatorade?

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky is a practicing board-certified family medicine physician. After a successful athletic career at University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill, he enrolled in medical school at Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg. He aspired to change the world of medicine by supporting lifestyle over drugs (when possible). He specializes in Obesity Medicine. And yes, he lifts.

Our ideas start about 11:20.

Dr. Nadolsky joins us about 19:00. He outlines the situations were additional salt might hurt or help, and when the wrong type of salt might lead to hypothyroidism.

We kick off the episode talking about bike shopping, and shopping for flights on Hopper, Google Flights, and Scott’s Cheap Flights.

You can find Dr. Nadolsky on Instagram at @drnadolsky, on Facebook at, on Twitter at  @DrNadolsky, and at his website:

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