Is it too late to create a successful YouTube, podcast, or social media presence? w/Omar Isuf

So many people are focusing on building personal brands or becoming “influencers”–  often through social media, YouTube, podcasts, etc. – but has the time already passed? Will it still work if you start today?

We asked our good friend Omar Isuf for his perspective — and advice — relative to this question. Omar is a successful YouTube content creator from Canada, a partner with Silent Mike and Bart Kwan on Kizen Training, as well has pursuing other business ventures. He’s also a keen observer of media.

Mike kicks off the discussion with the theory that hitting it big in social media is becoming as rare and unlikely as making it in the NBA. Eventually the real question comes: can you actually make a living through these avenues if you didn’t start five or ten years ago?

We talked through a number of factors:

  • Is it harder to stand out now…or actually easier?
  • What’s possible now that didn’t used to be?
  • Is it too late to make money on YouTube through “easy” monetization?
  • Does taking “cheap” sponsorships impact earnings for everyone?
  • Which strategies might work now?
  • Is having an attractive image enough?

Along the way we name check The Sandlot, Babe Ruth, Prince, Howard Stern, Joe Rogan, Brendan Schaub, Joey Diaz, and Pornhub. We also kick around masterminds, selling merch, developing your own products, paywalled content, reality TV, vlogging, failed porn actors, Luminary for podcasts, and anti-intellectualism.

One hint at our answer: Success leaves clues

You can find Omar on his hugely successful YouTube channel. And Instagram as @omarisuf. Check out his new podcast, Iron Culture, with Eric Helms. 

Hosted by Mike Farr (@silentmikke) and Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd).

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