Is Cracking & Popping Your Joints a Bad Thing? w/Dr. Jordan Shallow

We’ve all heard the old tale about cracking your knuckles and arthritis, but what about your neck, back and all the other parts of you that crack and pop?

  • Is there actually a connection to arthritis?
  • Why do chiropractors and other manual practitioners pop or “adjust” your back or neck?
  • What about shoulders, hips, and knees that pop on their own? Is that good or bad?
  • Does any of this relate to overall joint health?

Dr. Jordan Shallow is a chiropractor and competitive powerlifter. He helps us sort through these questions, and he gives some good guidelines on what to look for in a good practitioner.

Our ideas start at about 15:00.

Jordan joins starting at around 24:00.

It was great to have Jordan on the show. You can find him on Instagram: @the_muscle_doc and his website at

As promised in the intro, here the Link to The Less Than Obvious Podcast Episode with Michael Fahey of Westside vs. The World

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