Muscle Fiber Types: How Much Does Your Mix Matter & Can You Change It? w/Dr. Andy Galpin

We follow up the episode “Can You Teach Speed?” with a deeper dive into muscle fiber types that we touched on in that episode: 

  • What’s the difference between fast twitch and slow twitch fibers?
  • Does the mix of fibers tend to affect performance? Aesthetics?
  • Is changing your mix of fiber types possible, and if so, is it even helpful.

Dr. Andy Galpin joins us again as expert for this discussion. Andy is a tenured Professor in the Center for Sport Performance at CSU Fullerton, and holds a PhD in Bioenergetics.

Our ideas start at about 13:18.

Andy starts dropping knowledge starting at around 22:53.

Huge thanks to Andy for being our expert once again. You can find him on Instagram: @drandygalpin and his website at  (where there’s tons of free information). You can also find his book with Brian MacKinsey, “Unplugged” on

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