Is All the Fake Sugar Hate Just Fake News? w/Layne Norton, PhD

Episode 5 Notes:

We get started by talking about what’s becoming a pretty uncommon experience for a lot of people: Actually leaving your house to watch a movie.

Wrapping up a run of nutrition and diet-related episodes, we talk about a group of substances that are common in a lot of people’s diets at this time of year: Artificial sweeteners (fake sugar).

Is fake sugar’s impact on our gut micro-biome a problem?

Does fake sugar cause an insulin response similar to sugar.

Is there a legitimate cancer risk?

How much is too much?

Is all the negativity about them just fake news?

Layne Norton joins use to help us sort out the reality from the fiction. Layne holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from University of Illinois, and is an author, bodybuilding/figure/physique coach, and a professional powerlifter.

Our ideas about the question start around 10:10.

Layne runs down the facts starting at around 17:25.

Huge thanks to Layne for being our expert. You can find him at and on Instagram: @biolayne. Check out his new book, Fat Loss Forever, on his website.

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