What is the Glycemic Index (and should it make us eat some kinda way)? w/Layne Norton, PhD

Episode 3 Notes:

In our third episode, we take a side step from carbs into the glycemic index – the potential impact of differing amounts of carbs in foods.

We kick things off with a quick discussion about the inherent strangeness of making friends with people we’ve never met in person. 

Shifting to this week’s question (and some related issues):

Is the index accurate for non-diabetics?

Does it really have that much of an impact on weight gain or loss?

Is brown rice better than white rice?

What impacts how fast the body actually processes carbs?

Doughnuts are a low GI food?

What’s the deal with a recent study showing people eating low-carb diets burn more calories? 

Layne Norton joins us to help us sort out the reality from the fiction. Layne holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from University of Illinois, and is an author, bodybuilding/figure/physique coach, and a professional powerlifter.

Our ideas about the question start around 6:40.

Layne runs down the facts starting at around 18:44.

 Huge thanks to Layne for being our expert. You can find him at BioLayne.com and on Instagram: @biolayne. Get a free chapter of his forthcoming book, Fat Loss Forever here.

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