John Tims: Blue Collar Leverage | S1 E4

March 17, 2018

Can you finance a life filled with travel, hanging with friends, and racking up cool experiences with the kind of job you can get without a college degree? If you do it right, you can.

John Tims did some research, took some chances, and figured out what kinds of jobs he wanted to target. And when his job left him wanting to do more and create additional income, he launched a side hustle into men’s products (beard care, razors, toiletries, and other awesome stuff) by starting a company called “Self Wrought.”

What are you willing to do to get to the life you want?

You can find John and his products at and on Instagram at @selfwrought

Host: Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd).

Instagram: @lessthanobvious

Twitter: @lessthanobv


Logo: Joseph Manzo.

Audio Engineered and Produced by Jim McDonald

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