John Romaniello: Clarity, Identity, and Beating Back Depression | S1 E8

May 7, 2018

This episode contains a frank discussion — in adult language — about real issues like depression, suicide, relationships, and sexuality. It may not be suitable for all ages.

“Rational decisions don’t always work out for me.”

New York Times bestselling fitness/lifestyle author and founder of Roman Fitness Systems, John Romaniello talks about how overthinking decisions sometimes takes him down the wrong path, and how following his gut sometimes provides clarity.

He also discusses how his lifelong struggle with depression led to a sincere suicide attempt that he initially kept secret from everyone, and how writing a powerful blog post about his experience has proven to be a turning point in his life.

Finally, he explores how he gained insight into his dissatisfaction with social norms around relationships, and how the use of MDMA (in addition to therapy) helped him find a new way to look at his own identity.

You can find John on social media as @johnromaniello, and at

Host: Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd).

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