Derek McCormick | Tea Time with the Reaper | S2 E1

October 25, 2019

The Less than Obvious podcast returns with a second season of new episodes once a month.

Derek’s wife Angela died of cancer in 2017. In 2018, he released his book, “Tea Time with the Reaper,” which sketched a heartbreaking portrait of their lives together, her illness, and her death. While living through this difficult process, it became abundantly clear to him that as a society we have an unhealthy relationship with our own mortality — and by extension death in general.

His less than obvious decision was to tell Angela’s story in a way that illuminates the ways that facing the reality of death can help us get better at dealing with life.

Derek and I both share stories of mortality, loss, and learning how to carry on.

You can find Derek and Tea Time with the Reaper on social media as @teatimewiththereaper at, and the podcast on Apple Podcasts which provides “a platform for those who have had a loved one taken. for those who have been face to face with a terminal illness. face to face with unexpected death. and then forced to live with its aftermath.”

Host: Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd).

Instagram: @lessthanobvious

Twitter: @lessthanobv


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Interstitial music: Aaron Moore

Audio Engineered and Produced by Jim McDonald

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