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Eating for strength, aesthetics, or health: How are they different? w/Jason Phillips

This episode is sponsored by Green Chef. Use our link for $50 off your first order: greenchef.us/facts Episode notes: Nutrition coach Jason Phillips joins us for this episode. Serious strength, aesthetic, and health goals can seem to require very different nutritional strategies, but what are the things they have in common?  Here’s what we came…

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Is Intermittent fasting/time-restricted eating some kind of magic? w/ Dr. Andy Galpin

Or is it just skipping breakfast? Episode 10 Notes: True to the premise of this show, we don’t do any specific prep before we talk about the question at hand. This time, it bit us in the ass a bit. We had seen the new paper on “intermittent dieting” co-authored by previous guests Eric Helms,…

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