mental health

Mental health awareness month special episode w/Lisa Lampanelli, Nick Scopoletti, and Beau McDowell of the Losers with a Dream podcast

Nick Scopoletti returns to the show — this time with fellow standup Beau McDowell, and their life coach, retired comic Lisa Lampanelli. Their podcast “Losers with a Dream” features conversations between Nick and Beau about their struggles toward comedy success…and just becoming better people. Then, Lisa weighs in with both life tips and comedy advice….

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How can you rise in the face of adversity? w/ Dr. Reef Karim.

Challenging times right now. How retain your sense of self well enough to meet them head on? We turned to Dr. Reef Karim, a leading expert in human behavior, to help us understand how we as humans react to prolonged stress and how to survive or even thrive these crazy times. Dr Karim is a…

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