Layne Norton

Is All the Fake Sugar Hate Just Fake News? w/Layne Norton, PhD

Episode 5 Notes: We get started by talking about what’s becoming a pretty uncommon experience for a lot of people: Actually leaving your house to watch a movie. Wrapping up a run of nutrition and diet-related episodes, we talk about a group of substances that are common in a lot of people’s diets at this…

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What is the Glycemic Index (and should it make us eat some kinda way)? w/Layne Norton, PhD

Episode 3 Notes: In our third episode, we take a side step from carbs into the glycemic index – the potential impact of differing amounts of carbs in foods. We kick things off with a quick discussion about the inherent strangeness of making friends with people we’ve never met in person.  Shifting to this week’s…

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