How do doctors decide if you’re “healthy?” w/Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

You often see a disclaimer on a diet article or commercial that goes something like, “Please see a doctor before starting any exercise program.” What are they supposed to be looking for? We often hear about “health markers.” What are they? Bottomline: How do doctors decide if you’re generally healthy? Here’s what we came up…

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Is Intermittent fasting/time-restricted eating some kind of magic? w/ Dr. Andy Galpin

Or is it just skipping breakfast? Episode 10 Notes: True to the premise of this show, we don’t do any specific prep before we talk about the question at hand. This time, it bit us in the ass a bit. We had seen the new paper on “intermittent dieting” co-authored by previous guests Eric Helms,…

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Is Olive Oil the Best Oil? w/Mike’s Mom Maria

Episode 9 Notes: Mike’s mom, Maria Farr, is a certified olive oil judge and sensory panelist. With all the recent focus on fats in our diets, we decided to bring her on to help educate us – and you – on a particularly tasty fat. Our questions went something like this: What does “extra virgin”…

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