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What Are Carbohydrates (and Why Is Everybody So Mad at Them)? w/Eric Helms

Our second episode is a look at a second macronutrient: carbohydrates. After a quick discussion about the fact that we’re probably both HSP (Highly Sensitive People), we talk about some of our goals for the show and ways that you can get involved. We run down some of our basic “knowledge” about carbs, but were…

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What is (Dietary) Protein Anyway? w/ Eric Helms, PhD

We’re kicking this new show off by asking seemingly basic questions about diet and nutrition. First up, “What is (dietary) protein anyway?” After a quick catch up session, we talk through the “facts” of what we think we know about this question – which, of course raises even more questions like… How much protein do…

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Introducing 50% Facts!

Introducing 50% Facts! A brand new show from Mike Farr and Jim McDonald Most of us walk around knowing about HALF of what we think we know. On this show, we take a single, granular question on a particular topic (related to health, fitness, nutrition, mental health, sex, etc.) and try to list what we…

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