Tweaked back: Are you injured or just sore…and how do you get back on track? w/William Richards of

How many times have you felt twinge in your back while lifting – or even doing something that’s not strenuous at all – and thought, “What the hell did I just do to myself?” Since chronic back pain costs the American economy over $100 million a year, we wanted to look at the practical question…

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How do you fix ticked off tendons? w/Squat University’s Dr. Aaron Horshchig

Seems like a lot of lifters we know are always complaining about “tendonitis,” so we asked physical therapist (and founder of Squat University) Dr. Aaron Horschig the help us straighten out our understanding of what they’re really talking about – and potentially how to fix it. As a physical therapist, he works with Olympic weightlifters,…

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Are some exercises useless or even potentially harmful? w/Dr. Jordan Shallow

Not all exercises are created equal. That much is certain. But are any of them at best a complete waste of time, and at worst, damaging? Some of our questions were: Does anybody need Jawzercize? Do hip thrusts really do anything for powerlifters? Behind the neck presses? Those have to be bad, right? Or is…

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