“Super Size Me” – How did this junk food movie fool anyone? | Review and reaction

The 2004 Morgan Spurlock documentary, “Super Size Me” posited that fast food – and a sedentary lifestyle – caused America’s growing obesity epidemic. Spurlock spent 30 days eating food from McDonald’s three meals a day for 30 days, and cut his normal exercise to zero to “prove” the ill effects of these choices.

How much of it is still believable? What are the most problematic elements today? Does it tell the truth or is it just telling a story toward a particular end? Why did critics and the public buy into it like it was a delicious McDonald’s apple pie back then?

Dean Saddoris of Caffeine and Kilos joins us for this episode. Mike and Dean had seen the film years ago and watched again recently. Jim had not seen it before.

The current ranking of fast food chains in the US.

Jordan Syatt’s documentary about losing weight while eating a Big Mac a day for 30 days.

You can find Dean on Instagram @deansaddoris.ck, and at caffeineandkilos.com.

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