Month: May 2021

Mental health awareness month special episode w/Lisa Lampanelli, Nick Scopoletti, and Beau McDowell of the Losers with a Dream podcast

Nick Scopoletti returns to the show — this time with fellow standup Beau McDowell, and their life coach, retired comic Lisa Lampanelli. Their podcast “Losers with a Dream” features conversations between Nick and Beau about their struggles toward comedy success…and just becoming better people. Then, Lisa weighs in with both life tips and comedy advice….

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How much of success is just showing up? | May Q&A

How much of success is just showing up? | May Q&A We shifted the schedule around a little in anticipation of some special guests for next week’s show. This week, we address some comments and questions from social media. Is there a particular way that we’re totally wrong for our jobs? What was the easiest…

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Icarus: Steroid documentary or spy thriller? | Reaction & Review w/Dean Saddoris of Caffeine and Kilos

This month’s media review and react episode is centered on the documentary “Icarus.” Dean Saddoris joins us to discuss this Oscar-winning 2017 documentary. This episode definitely contains spoilers.  Filmmaker and cyclist Bryan Fogel made himself a guinea pig to learn if steroids would dramatically improve his race performance – and maybe more importantly, whether he…

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