Month: September 2020

How do you stay on the path to your goals? w/ Chris Long of Tailored Sacramento

We’re inspired by a lot of people in different situations. This week’s guest is someone we’ve talked about on the show quite a few times. His growing success – and the focus and attitude he brings to his goals – has inspired us for several years. One of last week’s guests, Dean Saddoris for Caffeine…

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Should you back off or double down? w/ Danny Lehr & Dean Saddoris of Caffeine and Kilos

We took this episode to catch up with our long-time friends – and owners of the lifestyle brand Caffeine and Kilos — Danny Lehr & Dean Saddoris. This show was recorded in our new, still-under-renovation gym, which is the same building where we (probably) met. We reminisced about some of our shared history and how…

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