Stuff that’s just out of reach…

While waiting around for a guest who we couldn’t quite reach on the phone, we talked ended up talking about some things that people strive for that are hard…or even impossible to reach.

  • Similar to a recent episode of the podcast “Reply All,” we’re trying to identify a children’s horror movie or TV show from the 90s. Can you help? Check the episode for some familiar, oddly specific, and hopefully memory jogging, detail. It was about…a monster under the bed. Is it real? Or is it just the Mandela Effect?
  • Our dreams, the kind we have when we’re asleep, have elusive qualities and are often difficult to interpret. What would it feel like to have some control over them? Can you learn how to do it?
  • Can people really find a balance between commitment to long-term goals and living a normal life? Is it always tough to find the middle way between the two? Is sure seems like it.

Hosted by Mike Farr (@silentmikke) and Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd).

Produced by Jim McDonald

Production assistance by Connor O’Neal.

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