How do you build a strongman community so great that it ends up in a Super Bowl commercial? w/Kalle Beck of Starting Strongman

We finally connect with Kalle Beck, the man behind If you saw the Facebook commercial during the Super Bowl, the Oscars, etc., you’ve seen Kalle and some of the members of the online strongman community he started years ago.

  • How did he get interested in strongman in the first place?
  • Did he really quit his job so he could compete in China?
  • What’s it like to be in a huge TV commercial?
  • What’s it like to move from California to Tennessee?
  • How do you actually get started training strongman?

(Yes, we broke format again and had the guest on for the whole episode.)

You can find Kalle at, on Instagram @startingstrongman, and of course at the Starting Strongman Facebook group. 

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