What’s the real danger with documentaries like “The Game Changers?” w/Matt McLeod, RD of The More Than Fitness Podcast

It seems like one of these diet documentaries pops up on streaming platforms every couple of years. Why do people get so upset when they disagree with the basic premise of docs like these? Many of our fitness industry friends are up in arms over claims in the vegetarian/vegan-themed documentary, “The Game Changers.” What’s the real danger if otherwise uninformed consumers actually believe these claims?

We acknowledge that cherry-picked studies, anecdotes, and fear appeals are critical components of food docs. Rather than getting caught up in trying to debunk each and every claim, we look at the practical effects of someone believing the claims and acting on them We asked Registered Dietitian Matt McLeod to talk through this issue — and major elements of this documentary — with us.

Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Does using the performance of top athletes make the results more or less applicable to regular people?
  • Do the studies and informal tests shown in the field reflect reality?
  • Is it likely they short-term diet changes affect your boners?
  • Did any of the athletes shown in the film grow up not eating meet?
  • Is it really an optimal for athletes to not consume animal protein?
  • Does HOW someone implements a vegetarian diet make a difference?
  • If someone switches to a vegetarian or vegan diet based on watching this film, what’s the actual downside?

You can find Matt on Instagram @@mattmcleod6, on his website, and on his podcast “More than Fitness.”

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