How do you train if you have no goals? (And more of your questions)

We kick things off talking about the WPO on ESPN and USAPL Raw Nationals. Would some kind of automated system could improve refereeing/judging in sports…or would that take the fun out of it?

Here are some of your questions that we tackled:

  • Why powerlifting?
  • Is a well-developed back more important than well-developed legs?
  • How do you train if you have no goals?
  • What percentage should your last warmup be before a PR attempt?
  • What’s the best way to combat self-doubt and negativity?
  • What did we think of the Gamechangers documentary? 

Hosted by Mike Farr (@silentmikke) and Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd).

Produced by Jim McDonald

Production assistance by Connor O’Neal.

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