Why would anyone choose a carnivore diet? w/Jason Phillips

When weight-loss diets work, they work by creating a caloric deficit and not through any other magic. We’ve established that with our experts on the show already. We’ve also established that cutting out a whole category of nutrient — like cutting carbs in a ketogenic diet – can accomplish a calorie reduction. But what if you cut everything but meat? You may be accomplishing the goal of reducing calories, but at what nutritional cost?

Jason Phillips joined us to ponder this diet and share thoughts about whether it’s a good idea…apart from whether or not it’s effective. Jason is the founder of iN³ Nutrition and the Nutritional Consulting Institute. Jason has written for several publications including Men’s Fitness and his own book, Macros Explained: Your Ultimate Guide to Macronutrient Prescription for Health, Performance, and Aesthetics and Macros Applied: Bridging the Gap from Science to Application. 

Here’s what we came up with on our own:

  • If there’s no real downside to eating vegetables, why not eat them?
  • Outside of a reduction in calories, is there anything special about meat that makes the diet more worthwhile?
  • Are all-or-nothing strategies just easier for some people to stick to?
  • Is there a marketing/FOMO angle?
  • Does taking a more extreme stance equal greater popularity in the fitness space?
  • When does Mike’s “Tequila and Broccoli diet book come out?

Our ideas start pretty much from the jump.

Jason joins us about 13:38.

You can find Jason on Instagram at @jasonphillips_in3 and at in3nutrition.com

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