Are some exercises useless or even potentially harmful? w/Dr. Jordan Shallow

Not all exercises are created equal. That much is certain. But are any of them at best a complete waste of time, and at worst, damaging?

Some of our questions were:

  • Does anybody need Jawzercize?
  • Do hip thrusts really do anything for powerlifters?
  • Behind the neck presses? Those have to be bad, right?
  • Or is everything useful in the right context?

Dr. Jordan Shallow is a chiropractor and competitive powerlifter. He gives us his take on the utility of a number of exercises, and makes some important points about the need for strength versus the need for stability.

Our ideas start at about 5:00.

Jordan starts dropping knowledge starting at around 14:30.

It was great to have Jordan on the show. You can find him on Instagram: @the_muscle_doc and his website at

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