Month: March 2019

Are some exercises useless or even potentially harmful? w/Dr. Jordan Shallow

Not all exercises are created equal. That much is certain. But are any of them at best a complete waste of time, and at worst, damaging? Some of our questions were: Does anybody need Jawzercize? Do hip thrusts really do anything for powerlifters? Behind the neck presses? Those have to be bad, right? Or is…

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Clutch Performances & Flow States: Are heroes born or taught? w/Dr. Matt Johnson

Dr. Matt Johnson, a Certified Sport Psychology Consultant (and former Notre Dame quarterback), joins us to discuss a fundamental question about performance under pressure. Our thoughts: Are some people just born to be gamers? To perform at a high level in the clutch? Can regular people learn to handle pressure situations better? Is visualization important…

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Heat & Cold Shock Proteins: Are Fire & Ice Nice to Your Body? w/Dr. Andy Galpin

We know that heat and cold shock proteins form in the body in reaction to changes in temperature, but what do they do and should we be trying hard to get them? How much do you need to change your body temperature to get a reaction? What, if anything, are cryo- chambers good for? Is…

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